I live in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. An unusually wet spring, coupled with a higher than normal snowpack resulted in an excess of water flowing into our streams and lakes. Unfortunately, many low lying areas along the lake are affected. Homes are flooded, beaches have disappeared and the lake is filled with debris from the runoff.

When circumstances are difficult, I turn to writing poetry to process my thoughts and emotions.

When the Waters Rise

Seeping and creeping over beloved landscapes
Floodwaters advance relentlessly
A trickle, a puddle, a stream, a flood
Rising moment by moment, day by day.

Summerland – Powell Beach


I struggle to grasp the sight before my eyes —
This unprecedented rise of many waters
Absorbing familiar landmarks
Heeding nothing; consuming all in its path.

Summerland – Peach Orchard Park

The tides of change seep ever nearer
Threatening comfort and security.
The landscape altered forever
Remnants of the past absorbed.

Penticton – Okanagan Lake
Kelowna – Rotary Beach
Summerland – Powell Beach

Yet there lingers a terrible beauty —
Reflections upon the many waters
Awe-inspiring; awe – full, awful.
Breath-taking; taking away my breath.

Summerland – Peach Orchard Park
Summerland – Peach Orchard Park

Breathe. A new day will dawn.
Sunrise upon the waters
Glittering diamonds shimmering, shining,
Sparkling a reminder—hope renewed.

E.S. June 2017

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