How best to express the journey of moving and encountering a new neighbourhood? I tried writing a summary, but could not convey my feelings adequately. Discarding the Post I’d laboured over, I tried my hand at a Poem, with Photos as inspiration.


Boxes piled high, disarray and clutter,
“This move takes a toll” I sigh and I mutter.
I thought I’d decluttered, discarded and purged!
Yet goods galore from all corners emerged.

Sparkling September sun, glinting through the panes
Warm breezes ripe with promise dance through the lanes.
Tossing boxes aside, turning towards open spaces
Wandering the neighbourhood, exploring new places.


Perfect pretty pathways abound here and there,

Leafy trees, blooms bursting with life everywhere

Curious cats on posts; in a late summer garden

Wandering at will or curled in a ball—cats need no pardon.



Nearing an opening, nestled in a neighbourhood square
A playground appears—gather here to visit and share.

Children of all sizes swing, slide, climb and cavort,
Fun and games of all kinds, it’s a kid zone for sport.


Another turn in the road, treading sprightly down a hill
A sweet little pond is in sight—it gives me a thrill

To see nature preserved in the midst of the city.
I plan to return here again, it certainly is pretty.

The days speed by, shelves in order, goods tucked away
Dishes, decor, duck decoys unpacked and placed on display
Early morning mists arise as September days wane
And the sunshine gives way to the inevitable rain.


Palm Trees

But I’m not discouraged, not yet that is
For the neighbourhood yields a surprise—’tis
A tree of the type found in tropical sands.
Rooted and sturdy, at home in these wetlands.



A final turn to explore, just a few streets over
The houses diminish, then fields of green clover
Surround a farmyard with a most glorious barn
Of red, of course. And that’s the end of my yarn.


E.S. November 2017

6 thoughts on “My New Neighbourhood: Pondering the Letter P

  1. Wow, you are very talented if you can make Surrey look so good! Great pictures. Nice that you can find all this rural stuff within walking distance. Great poetry too!

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