Spring is my absolute, most favourite, longed-for season. Unfortunately, it has been elusive this year. For some reason, winter has stretched and lingered and seemed interminable. Though temperatures began to creep up haltingly in the last weeks, grey days and rain showers have been the norm.

On occasion, the sun ventures to shine, and my hopes rise: here comes spring!! But within a matter of minutes the clouds build up and the sun is chased away once again.

Sunny interludes have become precious and never taken for granted. Seize the moment! Work in the yard or gardens begins, the sun warm on my face. Removing dead leaves and debris isn’t a chore, rather an opportunity to inspect shrubs for new growth and revel in the miracle of rebirth.


Spring Walkabout

When time allows and the sun appears I head out on my favourite walk down the road to the lake and loop back again. It’s a familiar route, but ever-changing.


This week I wondered if I could capture signs of spring. Tentatively, yet unmistakably, buds on bushes were beginning to burst. Camera in hand, I capture first one shot, then a few more, my heart uplifted with delight.


I continue on my way, pausing to listen. A reclaimed marsh along the lake resonates with chirps and trills. I settle on a bench, stilling myself in order to glimpse the flicker of birds among the grasses.


Spring Poetry

Spring and birdsong remind me of the one and only poem I ever memorized. I have no idea what grade I was in, though I remember it was elementary school. I wasn’t especially keen on poetry, so endured the lessons half-heartedly. However, one poem captured my attention, because it was so unusual. I memorized it, despite myself:

Der spring is sprung,
Der grass is riz,
I wonder where dem boidies is?

Der little boids is on der wing.
Ain’t dat absoid?
Der little wings is on der boid!



I love everything about spring: buds on bushes, birds on branches, rebirth, hope, renewal, and a crazy little poem.

What is spring like in your corner of the world?

2 thoughts on “Der Spring is Sprung

  1. Loved your poem. I remember something like it from childhood! Spring in my corner of the world is just like yours! Since we live in the same town, that is hardly surprising! I have to say that spring is my least favourite season of the year. My favourite is the fall. I love the crispness in the air and I seem to have more energy after the lethargy of the heat of the summer. Spring to me is so inconsistent! Especially this year. You are right. One minute it is sunny and hinting of summer, the next minute it is dark clouds and rain! Fall is more consistent. I love the crackling of the leaves as you rake them, bringing in the garden and fall harvest, making apple juice for cider! I used to love going out to get firewood with the kids, and having a weiner roast, while Brian is chopping down trees for fuel for our wood stove in winter. I like the canning you do with the harvest too. You can have spring! I’d take fall anytime! I like having four seasons. You appreciate each of them more that way.

    1. It’s true, spring has been a little elusive this year. It is great to have four seasons, makes you appreciate each one. My vote still stands with spring, however!

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