About Me

Hi and Welcome!

So glad you stopped by to visit!

Do you ever feel like you are insignificant? Small? I do.

Do you ever feel like making your mark on the world, to make a
difference, even if it’s small or insignificant? I do.

Did you ever consider starting a blog, a teeny tiny minute cyber-place on the giant world wide web? I did.

And, here we are!

Even though this blog might be but a drop in the internet-ocean, it’s my drop.

Even though I feel small in my world, “A person’s a person.
No matter how small” (Dr. Seuss, Horton Hears a Who).

Even though I am supposed to be grown up, I plan to embrace
my ‘smallness’, to view the world as if I were small, like a child.

And so, “Eyes of a Child Blog” was born.

When you see life through the eyes of a child, you:

  • wonder what will happen next
  • are curious about random stuff
  • delight in the everyday, because it’s all fresh and new
  • try new things with an open mind and heart
  • learn from those around you

It’s all about perspective.

Most often, my perspective tends to be viewed through the lens of a camera.

The camera lens becomes my voice, my view on the world, my way of capturing a moment, delighting in that moment and sharing it.

Join me on my journey, and I hope you find this little space on the big web to be a source of inspiration and fun, a source of joy and delight.